If your campaign queries do not appear on your web pages, go through the following steps and make sure that the campaign and interactive widgets are set up correctly.

  1. Open the campaign that you wish to troubleshoot and check the start & end dates (optional). The dates are in your local time zone as set in your user profile (double check that).
  2. Check frequency, change it to “on every page load” for the troubleshooting period.
  3. If you have specified the countries, try to clear the list, save the changes and recheck the website. If that solved the problem and your campaign started to appear, please let us know. If you still unable to see the campaign queries on your pages then leave this targeting option black for the time being.
  4. Make sure that User & Group Id targeting is also blank.
  5. Note the selected widget’s name and double check that the page you expect the campaign queries to display on, has the widget’s code in the page’s source code.

These steps should solve the most of the common problems with the campaigns and queries. If you still unable to get anything shown on your website, please get in touch and we will do our best to help you.