A Query is a message with or without Call-To-Action options displayed to the user in InQ.Social Interactive Widgets. Queries are organized within campaigns and being displayed according to the campaign and individual query settings.

There are three types of the queries we currently offer.

  • Question: Query with a message and two Call-To-Action options. Typically Yes & No. Ideal for performing market research of obtaining additional information about your customers.
  • Offer: Allows to specify a message, link caption and its url. Perfect solution if you wish to push special offers to your customers or just a smaller group of them.
  • Rating: This type of query comes with a message and three Call-To-Action options. For example, your customers can rate a product or a service with 1,2,3 stars or other customizable options.

Each query can have up to three clickable Call-To-Action options, depending on the type of the query. Each click will be submitted to InQ.Social server and stored for analysis.

Each option has the selection of post-click action, which could be:

  • Close: The bar simply disappears after the click.
  • Display a message: Allows to display a message after the click, for example, “Thank you”.
  • Execute Ajax call: A more advanced option that gives the option to execute an Ajax call to the specified URL and perform an action, for example, to bring up additional content to the page.