Meta Product

Meta Product is a part of InQ.Social MetaDot language and defines the target object in MetaDot expressions to identify customer’s reaction towards a particular product or service.

For example, you would like to build a group of customers who like your new product called ‘Banana Baked Ice Cream’, you create a marketing campaign asking if they like this ice cream. You provide them with two options to click, Yes and No. Then assign Meta Verb of Like to the Yes option and point it to the ‘Banana Baked Ice Cream’ Meta Product.

Launch the campaign and customers start to interact by clicking the options and provide their feedback. Using Meta Browser you can select Like as the Meta Verb and then the Meta Product ‘Banana Baked Ice Cream’ and see a list of customers who like your product. Use that to send them a special deal via Interactive Widgets, export  the data to advertise on Facebook or other social networks.