Every visitor that opens a web page on your website with installed Interactive Widget, Beacon or Action Link becomes a customer. InQ.Social generates a unique identifier and every time the customer interacts with InQ.Social services we make a record of it against his or her profile.

It helps to understand what customers want and deliver the best service to the relevant groups.

with an advanced integration you can link your existing customer profiles to InQ.Social customer profiles using email, Facebook Id or internal Id and exchange the gathered information both ways.

  1. You can upload a photo for each customer.
  2. Personal information is available only to your organization.
  3. The customer’s profile displays two key dates, the date when you added the customer or when the customer interacted with one of InQ.Social services for the first time and the last time the customer has been seen across all InQ.Social services.
  4. In the Metrics section you will find important marketing calculations such as CTR for Interactive Widgets and emails.


Customer List Indications

On each customer list you will find a column called Indications. It displays a set of icons that carry information about each customer, date the last time they were online, time when they opened an email and etc. Different colors indicate a period of time of the event.

Date when the customer was last seen online across InQ.Social platform. To see the date, hover over the icon.

Green color indicates that it was within last 30 days.

Teal color: Within last 6 months.

Orange color: between 6 months and one year.

Red color: over a year ago.

   Being displayed on MailMaster and EQuery customer lists and indicates that an email was sent to the customer. To see the date and time, hover over the icon.
   Being used on MailMaster and EQuery customer lists and indicates that the customer opened the email. Hover over the icon to see the date and time it was read.
   Being used on EQuery, Active Widget, Beacon & Action Link campaigns and indicate that the customer has clicked an option. To see the date and time, hover over the icon.