Evaluate Performance

To access the MailMaster:

  • From the Flow Menu click MailMaster link.
  • Click the Dashboard button on a MailMaster campaign in the list.

On the EQuery dashboard you will find:

1. Toolbar with options available for you at the current stage

2. Stat widgets:

  • Recipients: The total number of recipients in the campaign.
  • Sent Emails: The number of emails sent to this moment.
  • Read Emails: The number of emails opened by the recipients.
  • Failed to Send: The number of emails we’ve failed to send. See Notifications for more detailed information.
  • Actioned: The number of recipients who clicked an option.
  • Status: The current status of the campaign.

3. List of recipients/customers in the campaign. Refer to the customer icons reference for details.

You use filters and the search option to find specific customers. Click the customer row to edit profiles.

Use the customers’ list menu to add the customers to new or existing audiences.