Create MailMaster Campaign


  • Set up and validate an email address.
  • Create at least one Customer Audience. Make sure that the customers in the audience contain email addresses and the total number of the recipients is within your monthly allowance.

To create a MailMaster campaign:

  • From the Flow Menu click MailMaster link.
  • Click Create New Mail Campaign.
  1. Choose how would you like to create your MailMaster campaign:
  • Email Builder: Build campaign using inbuilt template builder.
  • Custom: Use an existing template in HTML format and just add it to the campaign.

2. On the first tab of the wizard:

  • Name your campaign
  • Select sender’s email address.
  • Pick a date & time for your campaign to be sent out.

3. Select at least one audience of customers who will receive the email.

4.  Populate the subject and create/upload the template. Make sure that they do not contain any mistakes, it is not possible to make changes to the campaign once you created it. But you will be able to cancel it and create a new one.

5. Preview your email, Send yourself a test.

Once happy, click Create to schedule the campaign to be sent on the specified time. Please note that it would take some time to process the recipients’ list and get the emails prepared. We recommend scheduling the campaign for at least one hour ahead.