Evaluate Performance

Navigate to the Interactive Widget dashboard:

  • From the Flow Menu click a website name. Wait for the website dashboard to load.
  • Click the website name that appeared next to the Flow Menu and click Interactive Widgets link in the menu.
  • On the Interactive Widgets list, click Dashboard button next to the Widget you would like to manage.

On the dashboard you will find the following metrics:

Impressions: The number of times this Widget was shown to the users.

Interactions: The number of times an option was clicked on this widget.

Mutes: The number of times user clicked X button to mute further queries.


Widget Performance

Displays relative performance of the widget against other types.


Hours Performance

Displays number of impressions and interactions across 24 hour period.


Activity Map

Displays in real-time activity by countries across the world.


Active Queries

List of active queries running on this widget. Sometimes, there are several marketing campaigns are being running at the same time, so mix of different queries can be assigned to the widget.