Add Interactive Widgets to your Shopify Shop

Shopify is a popular platform for online business. Many of our customers are using Shopify and it is incredibly easy to integrate our Interactive Widgets, Beacons and Action Links into your Shopify shops. Here is the guide how to do it.

If you need to know how to create the Interactive Widget, please refer to the widget creation guide first.

1) Navigate to your Interactive Widget’s dashboard.


2) Click on (Get Code) button.


3) Select and copy the code.


4) Open your Shopify shop administration site and click on Online Store option on the left.


5) On the page click the triple dot menu […] and select Edit HTML/CSS option.


6) Warning, this step requires some knowledge of HTML code and Shopify themes. Please refer to Shopify Help Center to find the template you need to modify and add your widget. In our example, we add a widget to a product page, right under the product description. Once added, just click on the Save button and this is it.


Now you can select this widget in your marketing research campaigns and your queries will be displayed in the widget.