Interactive Widget

InQ.Social Interactive Widget is a service that helps website owners to interact with their visitors by asking questions, deliver special offers and rating requests. Our Interactive widgets come in several different forms, to make it embeddable into any web page and style. Fully controllable from your InQ.Social dashboard they deliver remarkable CTR rates and high-quality data.

When a visitor opens a web page on your website, the widget’s code will ask InQ.Social server if there is a query to deliver to the visitor. It will display the query and several options to click and provide the feedback. Visitor clicks one of the options and we capture that, store it in your secure data cloud and make it available for future use in internal or external marketing campaigns.

For example, you can ask users what is their favorite drink, tea or coffee? Ten users click tea and twenty click coffee. We keep a record of who clicked each option and when you will have a special deal on tea, you will be able to deliver that deal to the group of users who prefer tea over coffee. Increase chances of winning the customers back and raise profits.

Here are few types or Interactive Widgets that we currently offer:


A widget that appears on the top of the page. Fully customizable appearance and the top performer. This format delivers average CTR of 5%.


A rectangular shaped widget with a specific width and style options. Integrates into any web page to increase the engagements.


Text widget, ideal for placements within an article, or right after it. Great for capturing readers opinions and feedback.


Similar to the TopBar and Inline widgets but deliver queries within the page and occupies the whole line.

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