EQuery Insights API Reference

InQ.Social EQuery insights API deliver high-level performance data on your EQuery marketing campaigns.


Each API request must be executed with a set of authentication details, set up in your InQ.Social administration area. Read more on InQ.Social API security options.



The InQ.Social EQuery Insights API provides the following endpoints:

Get EQuery Campaign Performance Data

GET: https://eq.inq.social/organizations/{organization-id}/stats/general


Name Description Type
RecipientsCount The total number of recipients in the campaign integer
SentCount Number of sent emails integer
FailedCount Number of failed submissions integer
ReadCount Number of customers who opened the email integer
ActionedCount Number of customers who clicked an option integer
Name Name of the EQuery Campaign string
Status Current status string
OptionStats Array of KeyValuePairs that contain pairs of {Name, Number of clicks received by each option} Array of KeyValuePairs


List of Customers in the Campaign

GET: https://eq.inq.social/organizations/{organization-id}/queries/{query-id}/customers

Optional parameters:

  • see paged list¬†reference for the paging parameters
  • State (…/customers?state=)
    • Ready: Return list of recipients that not received the email yet
    • Sent: Return a list of recipients that have been sent the email
    • Failed: Return a list of recipients that we couldn’t deliver the email to.
    • Read: Return a list of recipients who read the email.
    • Responded: Return a list of recipients who clicked an option.

Returns a paged list of customer profiles for the given organization id.