Evaluate Performance

Navigate to the Action Link dashboard:

  • From the Flow Menu click a website name, where you created your beacon.
  • Click the website name that appeared next to the Flow Menu and click Beacons in the menu.
  • On the Beacons list, select a Beacon and click the dashboard icon next to it.

On the dashboard you will find the following metrics:

Impressions: Number of times this beacon was launched for the users.

Reports: Number of time this beacon was executed.

CTR: Click-Through-Rate. The number of impressions / reports.

Meta Verb: The selected Meta Verb.

Meta Product: Associated Meta Product.

Customer’s List

The customer’s list displays all the customers who clicked the beacon. You use filters and the search option to find specific customers. Click the customer row to edit profiles.

Use the customer’s list menu to add the customers to new or existing audiences.