Create Beacon

To access the Beacons:

  • From the Flow Menu click a website name, where you wish to place the Beacon. Wait for the website dashboard to open.
  • Click the website name that appeared next to the Flow Menu and click Beacons in the menu.
  • Click Create Beacon button on the toolbar.
  1. Choose the type of the Beacon. There are two types:
  • Timer: Reports when visitor spends a set amount of time on your web page.
  • Scroller: Reports when visitor scrolls down your web page to a specific point. ie. read an article.
  • Whisper: Reports when visitor has opened a specific web page.

2. Complete the form.


Name: Give it a unique name, so you can identify the Action Link later.

Url: Only applicable to Timer and Whisper types of the beacons, allows you to specify a URL where this beacon will be used on. Because you no need to insert the beacon’s code into your web page, it uses the URL to render on the web pages.

Number of Seconds: The amount of time in seconds visitor required to spend on the web page before it will execute the report.

Metadata (Meta Tag): Click to set up the Meta Tag, which is formed out from the selection of Meta Verb and Meta Product. Every time when the user clicks this Beacon we will create a record with the specified Meta Tag. Later, you will be able to find all customers who executed this Meta Tag across multiple services and group them into an Audience.