InQ.Social notification service is designed to deliver important system messages to the users.


Notification Fields returned by the API

 Name  Description  Type
 Id Unique Id (32 Characters long) String
 Message Notification  message String
 Group Notification group name. Something that groups a set of notifications. String
 Date  Date of creation Date
 DateRead  Date when the notification was read. Default value is null Date
 Type Type of the notification. Possible values:

  • TaskCompleted



Each request must contain the app Id and app password URL parameters:

?appid={app id}&apppsw={app password}



The InQ.Social API provides the following endpoints:

Number of Unread Notifications

GET:{organization-id}/users/{user-id}/notifications/countunread?appid={app id}&apppsw={app password}

Returns an integer value.


List of Notifications by User Id

Returns a list of Notifications for given user id. The notifications are sorted in descending order by the date of creation.

GET:{organization-id}/users/{user-id}/notifications?takefrom=0&appid={app id}&apppsw={app password}

Request Parameters:

 Name  Mandatory  Description  Type
 Takefrom Yes Number of notifications to skip Integer


Mark Notifications as Read

PUT:{organization-id}/users/{user-id}/notifications/read?appid={app id}&apppsw={app password}

Request Parameters:

 Name  Mandatory  Description  Type
 NotificationIds Yes Comma-separated of notification ids String

Response: if successful, the API will return status 200.