Create Whisper Beacon Report

The Whisper beacon report helps you to create an actionable insight record for an action that has happened before or outside of the InQ.Social platform. It is particularly useful when you import your customer data into InQ.Social and wish to enrich it with additional details.


Each request must contain the app Id and app password URL parameters:

?appid={app id}&apppsw={app password}


The InQ.Social API provides the following endpoints:


POST:{beaconId}/report?appid={app id}&apppsw={app password}

The beacon id can be found on the beacon’s dashboard page.

Request Fields

 Name  Mandatory  Description  Type
 OrganizationCustomerId No Customer’s unique id within your InQ.Social organization. String
 EmailAddress No Customer’s email address String
 FacebookId No Customer’s Facebook Id String
 OwnId No Id of the customer in your own system. String
 ShopifyId No Customer’s Shopify Id String

Response: if successful, the API will return status 201(created).

Please make sure that you supply at least one of the fields with your report.