Check if customer is interested in a product

InQ.Social API provides an endpoint that would help you to check if we have any record of a MetaVerb and MetaProduct pair for given customer. This can be used for personalizing the shopping experience and based on the check result, you will be able to deliver relevant content to the customers.



Check if we have a record of a MetaTag for given customer

To be able to query this endpoint you will need to know InQ.Social Customer’s Global Id. You can obtain it from customer’s browser local storage. We add it when the customer interacts with InQ.Social services on your website for the first time.


var inqSocialCustomerGlobalId = localStorage.getItem(“inq_guid”);

Then you will need to pass it to your server-side handler and execute the following request to our API:

GET:{organization-id}/metaverb/{metaverb-name}/metaproduct/{metaproduct-name}/customer/id/{global-customer-id}?appid={app id}&apppsw={app password}

Request Parameters

 Name  Mandatory  Description  Type
 organization-id Yes Your organization id Guid
 metaverb-name Yes Name of the meta verb, you can find it in your administration area. ex ‘like’ String
 metaproduct-name Yes Url encoded name of the meta product, you can find it in your administration area. String
 global-customer-id Yes Unique id given to each customer Guid

Response: if successful, the API will return a boolean value of true or false.


Use Case Example:

You previously asked your customers if they like tea of coffee. Now you want to find out if the current customer likes tea and if yes, modify your home page and offer tea related special deals.

On your server, execute

If we have a record that the customer clicked Tea or otherwise expressed interest in it, our API will return the value “true”. That would indicate that the customer likes tea and you can deliver relevant content and increase chances of buying it.