Styling PageBlock

The PageBlock widget appears within the page and one of the most important settings is the width of the widget. By default, the width set to ‘auto’, which means that the widget will occupy the whole width available. You can change this setting to limit the width, for example, 300px.

With this type of the widget, you can change the background, text and option colors. It is not possible to offer all options that the CSS provides to style the look of the widget, refer to the CSS section below to add custom styles for this widget.


CSS Options

For this type of the widget we offer the following CSS classes that can be tweaked:

Style of the first inner container of the widget.

Style for the query container. A place where the main text appears.

Style of the container of the clickable options.

.inq-options a
Style for the option.

.inq-options a:hover
Style for the option when you move the cursor over the option.

Example: to make the option link bold. Add the following style to the Custom Css textbox:
.inq-options a{font-weight:bold !important}