Register an Email Address

Before you can start to use our email services like MailMaster and EQuery, you’ll need to register an email address that will be used as sender’s address. For example [email protected]

To make sure that emails will not go to the spam folder and you own the address we need to verify it and you have to create a DKIM record. Please follow the steps below to register an email address:

  1. Sign into your InQ.Social account and using the Flow menu navigate to the Administration page.
  2. Click Emails panel link and then click ( ADD EMAIL ADDRESS ) button.
  3. You will need to provide an email address and a signature, a text that will appear at the bottom of EQuery emails. Something like  “ team, Thank you”
  4. Once you submit the form we will process the request and email you instructions on how to set up a DKIM record on your end. That will ensure that emails you send through InQ.Social will legitimate and end up in the SPAM folder.
  5. Usually, it takes a couple of hours to set it up and as soon as your email address fully verified, you will be able to start to use InQ.Social email services.