Create Marketing Campaign

Before you start to create your marketing campaign make sure that you have set up Meta Verbs and Products. You will need at least one record for any product or service that you will collect data for with InQ.Social services.

The link to the campaign creation page is located at the Mission Control Center and website dashboards. Click CREATE CAMPAIGN button.

Give your campaign a name, select the start date and time. The end date is optional. Proceed to the queries tab.

On the queries tab, you would need to add at least one query. Click CREATE QUERY to create one.

Select type of the query you want to create.

As an example, we will create a question and ask customers what they like to drink in the morning. Complete the form, click on the MetaTag buttons to set them up. Select the post-click action.

You can display a message, execute a JavaScript code or redirect the customer to another page.

Click CREATE and you will get back to the campaign creation form. Once you have finished with the list of queries, proceed to the widgets tab.

On the widgets tab you will need to select the widgets that will deliver your queries to the customers. By default, the TopBar widget is available on all pages, but all other Interactive Widgets require their code snippets to be inserted into the places where you want them to appear.

You can change the colours of your widget by clicking the style button on each widget in the list. Your InQ.Social account comes with several styles pre-created, you can manage that from the administration page.

Once happy with the setup, proceed to the preview tab to see how your queries would look like.

Click create to schedule or launch your campaign.

You will be redirected to the campaign’s dashboard where you can monitor the performance, add and remove queries.

This is it!