How To Create New Campaign

InQ.Social campaign is logical structure to organize queries into groups that help to obtain desired results.

To create new campaign navigate to a website dashboard and click [New Campain] button in the menu.

1) Complete name, start & optional end date fields.

2) Click [Add Query] to create at least one query. Please refer to Query Creation guide for detailed instructions on this step.

3) Select the order in which you would like to display the queries. The choice is, leave as dynamic, in which case the queries will be displayed dynamically, the ones with fewer replies displayed first. Otherwise, the queries will be displayed in the same order as created.

4) Choose frequency. Queries can be displayed on each page load or with forced delay of 5 minutes between each impression.

5) Optionally you can specify the countries which you wish to target. If none selected, the campaign will be shown to all visitors of the website.

6) Optionally it is possible to specify a list of User or User group IDs to which this campaign will be shown to. Please refer to additional guides on how to use this functionality.

7) Select at least one widget.

8) Click [Create] to create the campaign and you’re done.

Refer to troubleshooting guides if your InQ.Social bar is not appearing on the pages or read on our optimization instructions to achieve better performance.

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