Question: Does InQ.Social widget affect the performance of my website?

Answer: Not at all, InQ.Social widget does not slow down the load time of web pages and only starts to work once the page is fully loaded.

Account Management

Question: I forgot my password, how can I request a new one?

Answer: You can either click here to enter your email address and request password reset or contact your organization’s administrator to do it for you.

Campaign Set Up

Question: Is it possible to have more than one widget on the page?

Answer: The widget defines a unique location for the queries to display in. You can have as many widgets per page as you like.


Question: Is there an option to activate or deactivate the widgets?

Answer: There is no such option available for widgets. If you wish to stop using the widget, you can either delete it or remove any campaigns from running on it. Widget’s code is invisible to your users and will not cause any issues if no campaigns are running on it. 


Question: Some queries within the same campaign have significantly less number of impressions that others, why is that?

Answer: Check the Frequency setting on the campaign and make sure that it is set to Dynamically. This way the queries with less number of impressions will be displayed first, otherwise displaying queries in the strict order could cause the first queries to be displayed much more often that the others.

Targeting Optimization

Question:  Can I display queries in multiple languages to users from different countries?

Answer: Yes, in InQ.Social you can set up campaigns to target specified countries only. Create campaign using one language, target it to countries that speak the given language and done. Repeat the same for other languages and regions.

Question: Can I target only specific users or group of special customers?

Answer: Of course, campaigns can be set up to target specific subgroups of users only. Please refer to our support guides for detailed instructions.

Question: In what order the queries are being displayed?

Answer: The order in which the queries are being displayed can be set up in campaign settings. Please refer to our support guides for more detailed instructions.